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ET3100 Bioflex Time Recording Terminal

Model: ET3100

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Fingerprint Time Recording Terminal

ET3100 is a user-friendly, reliable and cost-effective Optical Fingerprint Recognition Time Recording Terminal. It captures and stores fingerprint image as template and verifies each specific finger's unique ridge pattern for highly personalized identification. Therefore, abuse of time attendance through 'buddy punching' will never happen.

For your peace of mind, the ET3100 also doubles up as a basic door access control system which secures your company's premises from unauthorized access.

ET3100 is complemented by E.Time, a Windows-based time attendance management software which allows real time viewing, monitoring as well as providing various reports on employee's attendance status. Thus, doing away with tedious manual reporting, human errors, lowering administrative costs whilst providing all necessary information at your fingertips.

What's more, with DataCenter FP Bioflex, an interface software, you can also export ET3100's transactions to any third party payroll and administration software for effortless consolidation of human resource management in your company.

ET3100 Specification:
 - Stores up to 9,000 fingerprint templates and 30,000 offline transactions
 - Identification Time: Average 1 second for 1,000 fingerprints
 - Enables enrollment of up to 10 fingerprints for each user
 - Verification mode: Fingerprint only (1:N), ID only, ID+ Fingerprint (1:1), ID + PIN, Card+Finger
 - Scanner type: Optical fingerprint scanner (500 dpi)
 - False Rejection Rate: 1.4%
 - False Acceptance Rate: 0.00001%
 - 128x64 pixels with backlit LCD display and a 16-key keypad
 - Fast verification time; suitable and effective for office or factory environment
 - Flash memory allows easy upgrade
 - Communication interface: RS485 or LAN 

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