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AC900 Fingerprint Door Access System

Model: AC900 series

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Standard Fingerprint Door Access & Time Attendance System

AC900 is an access control and time attendance machine which never fails to deliver its purpose as a security system. With AC900, you won’t have to worry about the misusing of keys or key cards as access is controlled through a person’s fingerprint. AC900 is a user-friendly, reliable, and flexible fingerprint authentication system which is integratable with other third party security systems to ensure a high level of protection for your premises.   

Fast Paced & Versatile
AC900 gives you an option of identity verification through fingerprint scanning or password. On top of that, fingerprint verification is done within a second! 

Precise Identity Verification
AC900 uses minutiae matching technology that ensures only enrolled users are granted access.

Let your staff experience more independence by reporting their whereabouts via our workcodes feature. 

Short Message Display
Communicate with your employees by personalizing a short message to be displayed at the terminal when they verify. The message can be directed to an individual or to a group of staffs. 

Huge Capacity
AC900 can contain up to 1,500 fingerprints and 100,000 transaction logs within its small design. 

Eliminate Buddy Punching
The weakness with the clock-in card system is that ‘buddy punching’ can occur where one employee can clock in the time for another employee if any of them are late. Eliminate this occurrence by using the unique per individual fingerprint as a clock-in card! 

360 Degree Fingerprint Placement.
Register your fingerprint at any angle via AC900. 

Fingerprint Verification Method
AC900 can support 1:1 verification method whereby user needs to key in ID his first before scanning his fingerprint and 1:N verification method where the machine scans all available fingerprints to find the matching template. 

Options to Data Communication
FingerTec AC900 is equipped with TCP/IP connectivity and when that is not available, a USB flash port can be used to transfer transaction logs into your computer. 

International Safety Standards
The terminal complies with international standard of CE & FCC, FingerTec’s testament to safety & quality. 

3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
The long warranty period speaks volume about AC900’s quality.


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