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E.VIS Visitor Management System

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E.VIS Visitor Management System
E.VIS is a highly effective and user-friendly visitor management system. Its systematic approach makes management of visitors a breeze. The E.VIS helps reduce break-ins and also enhances corporate security through the identification of unwanted or suspicious visitors with the help of the MyKAD technology. E.VIS is designed to keep track of visitor traffic details. It also enables instantaneous background checks to be done easily. It minimizes processing time and errors – signing-in and out, and generates visitor badges in seconds. The E.VIS incorporates a touch screen monitor, MyKAD reader, web-camera and proximity reader to provide the user with a simple and total solution for visitor management. 

Highlights of E.VIS 

Fast and Accurate Registration
E.VIS allows automatic log-in of visitor information within seconds through the MyKAD reader. This reduces registration time as well as minimizes operational errors.

Flexible Data Entry
The E.VIS, incorporated with touch screen monitor, allows user to key-in the additional information easily via the intuitive on-screen virtual keyboard.

Instant Image
The E.VIS, incorporated with a web-camera, allows user to capture a visitor’s image and business card, and such captured visuals are easily and directly stored into the database.

Instant Visitor Badge
E.VIS allows user to assign pre-printed visitor badges (proximity cards) within seconds through proximity reader. The card number will be recorded automatically while signing-in and out.

Enhanced Security Level
The E.VIS is able to restrict/limit access rights of visitor through a pre-assigned proximity card. Thus, security level within a building is greatly enhanced.

Real-time Status
At any given point of time in a day, real-time information on number of visitors registered, and number of visitors still present in premises, is on constant display on the Main Screen.

Comprehensive Reporting
The E.VIS provides comprehensive reports in real time using analysis tool. User is able to generate reports of visitor traffic pattern, of suspicious visitors, of visitor information with snapshot and business card, etc, easily.

Cost Effective
An affordable and comprehensive visitor management system – immediate savings in paper costs and administrative manpower costs!